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Welcome to Agriyoda, the first decentralised collaborative economy platform that empowers farmers to directly engage with agro buyers anywhere in the world and offer full spectrum services from farm traceability to professional handling of exports, direct from the farm.

With Blockchain, DLT & AI technology, Agriyoda helps farmers create multiple revenue streams from 'idle farm resources' and offer year round 'demand chains'. Designed for sustainable growers, from small farmers to large Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), Agriyoda enables productivity and cost reduction along the supply chain.

Register your farm on Agriyoda and let our powerful algorithms do the rest

Yoda Features

Designed to support environment friendly sustainable agri practices.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

List assets to sell, swap or rent. Receive funds in your account before dispatch

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Rewards Sharing

Blog your farm success & market your services or produce.

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User Experience

Add Google Earth Link and show your Farm to the world.

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Live Notifications

Real time data and automated transactions to get your product to market with greater speed, lower costs and the right timing.

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Daily Dashboard

Combine trend analysis with intuitive operations console for daily updates.

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Data Privacy & Ownership

Secure and private via our hybrid data management service. One shared repository for all players in the trade.

Peer to Peer exchange makes farming great

Built on the age old principle of sharing within the village community, Agriyoda's P2P exchange platform is designed for sharing idle or surplus farm resources among growers, helping the community bring down input costs by 20-25% and create multiple revenue streams. Mobile connectivity and internet is melting down village boundaries, making sharing possible even across far distances.

Farming on the basis of collaboration, cooperation and sharing of resources will pave the way for agriculture 3.0. Showcase your sustainable agri practices on Agriyoda and start sharing farm resources from bio inputs, protected seeds or rent farm equipments to the community.

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Decentralising Agriculture with Blockchain

The 20th century model of business necessitated 'middlemen' and 'third party monitoring' in order to maintain safety, sanctity and logistics along the supply chain. With Industry 4.0 technologies, these dynamics are shifting fast.

With Agriyoda’s powerful Blockchain tools and underlying distributed ledger technology, farmers can now sell Farm produce direct to agro buyers anywhere in the world, adding 15-20% price improvement and removing non value adding intermediaries. Agriyoda’s immutable Blockchain solutions, allows F&B brands to demonstrate full traceability, bringing consumers closer to growers, helping brands build trust and reward good agriculture practices.

See how a spice grower offered traceable, trackable and verifiable spices from Kerala to California, enabling consumers to know the growers and the brand win consumer trust.

Decentralise Farming

Farm Extension Services and Peer to Peer Solutions

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Peer to Peer Sharing

Idle/ Used/ Surplus resources at farm moved to someone who can use, reducing input costs by 20-25% and creating multiple revenue streams.

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Smart Contracts

Offer Farm produce direct to agro buyers anywhere in the world, adding 5-25% price improvement, reduced debtor days and minimal administrative overheads.

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Enterprise Solutions

Grow revenue by learning current market trends from Expert Farmers, plan crops based on success stories within the Agriyoda community.

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Earn Consumer Trust

Showcase your beautiful farm on Agriyoda and engage with buyers, improving the brand value of your Estate

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Collaborative Farming

With immutable Blockchains, F&B brands can now confidently demonstrate full traceability from the farm, enabling better grower and consumer connectivity.

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Agriyoda Chatbot

Your farming partner, Agri yoda is only a message away.

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Shifting from 20th Century economics of control to the 21st century economics of collaboration.

Agriyoda envisions a decentralised society where sustainable farming is a way of life and farmers enjoy the recognition and rewards for adopting sustainable practices, that are good for farmer health, consumer health and the environment.

Agriyoda is a culmination of three Yodas from farming, finance, technology and global trade. Together we bring 60+ years of experience in agro commodities export, sustainable farming, financial services and Technology development.

We use UPI, Paytm and Paypal are domestic sales and Exporter’s Bank accounts for International sales. Agriyoda admin fees is charged from buyer’s account.

Most agri commodities are tax free and govt incentives are available on Exports of some commodities. Taxes are applicable as per rules.

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